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DA can be so cruel sometimes. Otherwise how can someone explain the miniscule no: of comments on this immensely talented Srilankan artist - marlonpeiris . Great sense of colour, layout and overall balance paved way for some wonderful website designs and a flair for photography to match. Kudos to this talented young artist- My Deviant of the Month.…… are my personal favourites.
For an illustrator, the most painstaking part is for a style of his own to evolve and perfect. AJ1 has plenty of potential and is getting there. Just look at some of his illustrations.… is one of my favourites.
Portrait sketches are something I always aspired to do. Its been a struggle to try and do that effortless strokes and capture emotions and physical features of people. I realized that its an inborn talent and I finally gave up trying.

Maybe seeing some great sketch artists in DA might have something to do with it. They dont get enough attention mind you, probably because the scanned sketches doesnt reflect the texture and more importantly the skill and effort that has gone into it.
uztarroz makes me want to take up the pencil and give it a try. So inspiring are her works and a great display of talents is evident in each of his works.
Personally I would rate… and… as her best. But do check out the rest of her gallery.
Despite the seemingly endless talent that is displayed in DA, there will be a point of time for even the most optimistic, when you will have the "Same old thing, I have seen it before" feeling. Cure is definitely on the way! Take a look at he1z's :iconhe1z:gallery. His usage of colours, shapes, silhouttes and typography is something I have never seen before.  Very unique and original. Do take a look.

Peace,Love and Understanding would be one of my favourites.
A piece inspired by his style got a DD by the way ... --->…
Surreal art is always intriguing, sometimes captivating and very rarely gives the sense of completion if the artwork is done without feeling. Here is a artist madhs who requires no description. Spend some time on her gallery and you will know why.
Abstract artforms are never complete if it is not beautiful. There is a sense of completion and beauty in every work of sc3L . No words can adequately describe what this amazing artist can invoke in you with some stunning Illustrator work. Do take a look at his gallery.
Do you know what my home page is? It is…. Everytime I open my browser, I meet a new artist, enter a new world and stumble upon something inspirational and suprising which otherwise would not have been possible.
Thats how I came across MourningBelle She is 16. She doesnt do self portraits, anthro/anime, shes doesnt have a proper scanner or camera(or she doesnt use it properly).  Her talent on the other hand is truly overhwleming, whether it was her touch of interior decoration or experimental art.  Please do check out her gallery.… She might not need encouragement but its a shame if we dont see such a huge talent contributing more to DA.
If you are fascinated by distinct illustrating styles it is impossible to leave out the immensely talented ~Q-BAN. :iconalejandro-mirabal:  Every work of his has an "out of this world" feel with a charecteristic yet unpretentious touch to it.  As for my favourite in his gallery I can't decide between… ( He has called this extraordinary piece of art "pic 6" know what I mean by saying unpretentious) and….
If you havent checked his gallery out already please do. You will love it!
Just when I thought DA was getting a little dry, I came across a gallery that can turn a few heads.  Ilona Rankovic :iconilona: has a style and vision that few can match. In her gallery she has explored three different styles - each one more intriguing than the other. It is tough to point out my personal favourite simply because I was in awe- by all of them.… is out of the world. You dont want to miss her gallery though.
I do not know how I came across her gallery, but she has only 204 page views as and when I last visited her page. 200 odd people are lucky enough to have viewed such a great artist. Every work of hers has a unique identity and originality rarely found. Each one of them speaks for itself.
Her "holocaust"… is a prime example where art transcends all boundaries of hate and prejudice(as I see it) in way that is quite unusual and bold.
My personal favourite would be "I'm not a number.."… which is a remarkable effort from this truly remarkable artist.
You can find her gallery here.
There are many little beatiful things in nature that you tend to overlook. I think itsnotart :iconitsnotart: has an eye for such little things and it's a pleasure to see them captured in a way he does.  A tribute to this great artist!
Skylit Maple is truly a great capture and synonymous of his kind of work in my opinion. Definitely my favourite in his gallery. Check  it out here…
And do visit his gallery ->…
Before I come to Deviant of the Week..let me tell you I had the busiest time in DA last week. I have never typed so much in my life! Put up an offer in the general forum to analyse handwriting after posting a few questions. The response was unbelievable. I think I made more than 150 analysis! Really had fun. :giggle:…
I did miss some of them in between. If any of you are still interested do leave me a mote..will be happy to help.

And coming to the DEVIANT OF THE WEEK.
Many of us try to get out galleries to be in the same theme but it takes a genius to be succesful in that, I think :iconvwake: is one of them. His style is instantly recognizable and usage of white space has never been so deftly done. Hats off to this talent!
Check out his gallery and you will know what I mean.
I thought I'd start a deviant of the week myself and put in efforts to give their works some publicity they truly deserve.
I accidentally came across some sketches by ~bakashonen. All the deviations relflects varying moods and emotions and has a uniqueness and originality rarely found. A salute to this talent!
You can check his gallery here.…
Personally Who am I… is my favourite.
Hey I got a Pink Floyd album CD from my colleagues. Am so happy! :w00t!:
It's my Birthday. Looks like a long day in the office already.  :hungry:   
Help has been pouring in since I started cribbing that I am not able to access the browse feature in DA. Especially from :~NatureofMind: . It is amazing to find people who are willing to help.  :~NatureofMind: has a very interesting gallery. Corporate Capitalism… and Just a Bike… are my personal favourites. Do check his gallery for more poems and photographs.…
I was truly amazed by :aleksandra: . Her PS brushes are truly out of the world. I have seen a whole lot of people using them and never crediting her. I haven't used it yet, but I really think she deserves a lot of credit for her work and her willingness to share her techniques. Do check her gallery for PS brushes and some amazing tutorials.…
My birthday is coming up in 2 days. I am so out of touch with almost all friends of mine that I wonder who will remember. You know birthday is one of those days when you feel like calling up everyone you know and say "you forgot to wish me".
Tch tch. You got the message.